Building Swings from the Inside Out

     The Junior Golf Academy

Making the Grade Team

Junior Academy

Desert Willow Golf Course

Phone: 702-232-2467


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Just like scoring on the golf course, JGA students all work hard at

scoring in the classroom!


Congratulations to the new 2016 –2017




Congratulations on all your hard work!


Lunch at the Willows Restaurant for

All that have made the

’17 Making the Grade Team”!


You made the Grades!


Making the Grade TeamText Box: JGA Merchandise

Sponsored by the Desert Willow Women’s Golf Association

Sami P

Larry L

Christa V



Josh J

Ryan M

Tyler L



Ryan E

Nick C

Tom S



Kyle B

Kaitlyn D

Kaylynn S



Brady D

Diego G

Cassidy P



Drew B

Pablo G

Kristen H



Kim B

Daniel N

Noah M



Kyle B

Jacob D

Matthew G



Taylor M





Cassidy P

Willy L


Josh J


Kyle E

Carlan B

Luc H

Tom K

Toby V

Shawn T

Hannah H

Jacob H

Alec M


Diandra R

Jake H

Adam D

Mitchell M


Amy R

Jacob L

Tate R

Emmanuel G


April R

Dillon M

Christian J

Tate R