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Tournament Preparatory Class


The Junior Golf Academy will begin hosting our Tournament Preparatory Class again beginning in January.


This class is to be an addition to our Red, Bronze and Silver Academy lessons. The class is designed to equip your golfer with the knowledge and experience they will need to be “tournament ready” and to play for their Junior High and High School teams.


The class will be held once a month. Class will run promptly from 3:45 to 5:00. See the calendar to check when the class will be held.  Your golfers will be playing in a “tournament style 4 some” carrying their own clubs or using a pull cart. They will be coached on the intricacies of the tournament experience: learning how to check in; how to warm-up for the round; etiquette of play; receive on course instruction in learn “Course Management”. Each student will leave with a recap of the class and points to focus on for play!


The cost is $30 per Thursday.

Please contact Dale at 218-1625 to reserve your child’s spot weekly.



Getting Ready for Tournament Day

On tournament days, get your mind ready to play.  First of all, get to the event with plenty of time to spare.  The last thing you want to do is rush to the first tee.  Secondly, start your tournament on the practice tee and NOT the first tee.  After stretching and warming up, visualize the first hole on the range.  If the first hole is a par 4 that for you is a driver and a 7 iron, play the hole on the range.  Go through your pre-shot routine, see the shot and hit your drive.  Then do the same with the 7 iron.  Go through a number of holes until you feel comfortable.  Take this as seriously as possible.  Your goal is to get in a groove and create confidence.  Remember, you can do the same thing around the putting green.  Work on different ways to get the ball up and down before you head to the first tee. 

A lot of stress can be controlled by your breathing techniques.  Deep breaths reduce stress by oxygenating your body.  Always take a couple of deep breaths before you go to the first tee or even incorporate it into your pre-shot routine.  When you get tight, your arms and shoulders get tense.  Taking deep breaths will relax your upper body.  Remember to concentrate on the exhale part of your breath and push it all the way out.  You will feel the tension leave your body.

Realize that everyone feels nerves.  If you don’t feel nervous, you’re not ready to play.  The best way to truly be mentally prepared for tournaments is to play in a lot of them.  Play as much competitive golf as you can and eventually you’ll learn what works for you.

Lastly, choose to have fun.  The opposite of stress is fun.  Golf can be tough.  Many players get caught up in one bad shot and that leads to a bad round.  Not every shot is going to be perfect.  It’s how you react to those less-than-perfect shots that will determine your final score.  Try to lose yourself in the game and enjoy your time on the course.








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