Our Award winning year-round program is recognized in the Top 50 in the World!† Our desire is to help your child find fun and fulfillment in the game of golf.† The JGAís learning atmosphere is one of creativity, direction, patience, kindness and enthusiasm that will fuel your childís interest in learning.† We recognize that children are a physical and emotional work in progress.† Whether your child just beginning or is a tournament player, our 6 Levels of Instruction will insure progress† at his/her pace.† ††


Please call us to schedule an evaluation and we will determine your golferís appropriate skill level.† As your golfer progresses, he/she will be given a Level Test Pass.† After successful completion of the Level Test, your golfer will receive a Bag Tag and the curriculum for their next Level Test.† Please refer to the JGA monthly calendar (available at jgagolf.com) for their new Level time schedule.


We do offer private lessons that can be scheduled in addition to the group lessons.


We would also like you to be aware that the JGA calendar of lessons changes monthly, due to weather and daylight conditions.† We would appreciate it if you would take the initiative to look for the new monthly calendar or access it on line (jgagolf.com).† Monthly payments are due at your childís first lesson of the month. (cash or check to the JGA please)


Play Days are scheduled each month on Tuesdays and Thursdays.† These are designed to give your golfer more on-course experience.† Parents are encouraged to play along.† Please pay $10 per player to the Pro Shop.† You are welcome to use a cart for an additional $5 and play until almost dark.†

Building Swings from the Inside Out

†††† The Junior Golf Academy

JGA Curriculum

Junior Academy

Desert Willow Golf Course

Phone: 702-232-2467


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Beginning/ Intermediate Levels



Introduction to the game of golf with Basic Swing Fundamentals


Character Pillars: Respect


Full Swing Fundamentals, Chipping & Putting Basics


Character Pillars: Integrity


Full swing Development & Short Game Focus


Character Pillars: Responsibility

Advanced Levels


†††††††††††††† Based on Skills



Short Game Review, Course Conduct & Rules Introduction, Playing Instruction


Advanced Shot Making, Rules Curriculum, Playing



Course Management and Scoring Techniques