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     The Junior Golf Academy


Text Box: I am very impressed with the Junior Golf Academy program.  My son has thoroughly enjoyed learning more about golf and has improved his game tremendously.  He enjoys the instructors and the atmosphere and has grown to love golf even more because of this program.  I have watched my son improve his score while he has participated in tournaments throughout the summer.  It was through the academy and their tournament prep classes that he was able to feel comfortable in competing against other children. 
I recently started my daughter with in the program because I knew she would learn from a pro!  She enjoyed the classes immediately and learned the basics of golf at her pace.  I would recommend the Junior Golf Academy to anyone who wants their child to learn the basics of golf or even if they want their child to go to the next level and compete.  They will enjoy the atmosphere and learn no matter what level they are at.
Evelyn Aguilar

I have chosen the Junior Golf Academy as the place for my two children to learn to play golf.  My son is extremely athletic and has a lot of natural golf ability.  My daughter is younger and less athletically inclined.  One of the great things about the Academy’s curriculum is that it caters to both their needs by placing the kids in Levels determined by skill and allows them to excel at their own pace.  Both of my kids are improving and always look forward to going to class.  I have nothing but good things to say about the JGA and its incredible instructors!
Mark Kawano

My children were enrolled in the Junior Golf Academy for a year.  Last September we had to relocate to the Seattle area.  We have yet to find a golf program for our kids that even comes close to all that the JGA had to offer.  It doesn’t seem that there are any golf instructors in our area that are interested in providing a great teaching program for juniors.  When one of my girlfriends and her family moved to Henderson, I made sure she enrolled her kids in the JGA!
Michelle Kennedy

Both our sons have been enrolled in the Junior Golf Academy since its inception.  I feel that the Academy has not helped develop my children’s golf game, but shaped their character, as well.  I am a fairly decent golfer, but in hopes of passing on my passion for the game, I felt frustrated coaching my boys.  The Academy’s curriculum is building a great foundation for them and they are having fun while they are at it.  My older son is a past Las Vegas Tournament of Champions winner and now is playing in the #2 spot for his high school.
Virgil Lopez, MD

The Junior Golf Academy has been fabulous for our two boys.  The JGA curriculum addresses the whole person-physical and mental.  Our children’s self confidence for all life’s tasks have increased because of their lessons.  Pam and Dale are so patient and clear in their instruction.  They teach golf in a way that is fun for the kids.  The instruction is presented in clear and manageable steps.  Our boys are so excited to be in this golf program!
Bill & Natalie Algeyer

We have tried other local junior golf programs in the valley, only to find them over crowded and disorganized.  Our kids got lost in the crowd and were becoming disinterested in attending class
or even play golf.  Our neighbor suggested we try the JGA.  What a refreshing surprise when we showed up.  The instructors create such a fun and positive atmosphere.  My kids ate it up!  Now
we go out and play once a week as a family and my son is close to beating me!
Chris Cochran

The best thing about the Junior Golf Academy is the instructors.  Pam and Dale remember my kids’ names and are so patient and encouraging.  Their instruction is so easy for the kids to understand, because they use so many kid friendly analogies.  They make the end of each class fun with the competitions.  My kids count down the days between golf class. 
John Segal

Junior Academy

Desert Willow Golf Course

Phone: 702-232-2467


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