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Building Swings from the Inside Out

     The Junior Golf Academy

Teaching Tips

Junior Academy

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Text Box: Feet together 
behind with ball in 
center of feet.
Text Box: Take a small step forward with forward foot.
Text Box: Take a medium step back with the back foot. This places the ball Front of Center.
Text Box: Set-up for Iron shot
Text Box: Wedge shots ball in center, medium-medium step
Text Box: Iron shots ball in front of
center, small-medium step
Text Box: Driver shots ball off front instep. Take one large step with back foot.
Text Box: Athletic Posture
Text Box: Chin up slightly for shoulder turn

Arms hang down in natural position

Knees slightly bent

Weight equal over heel and toe
Text Box: Full Swing
Text Box: Grip

Most junior golfers will need to use a slightly stronger grip (“V’s” pointing towards the right eye) to properly support the club at the top of their back swing.  Younger beginners are better off using the “ten-finger”, or baseball grip.  Older beginners and juniors with more experience will find an interlock or overlap grip more effective.  For the right-handed golfer, the heel of his left hand should be placed on the club grip just below the butt (or end) of the grip.