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Building Swings from the Inside Out

†††† The Junior Golf Academy

How to Register

Junior Academy

Desert Willow Golf Course

Phone: 702-232-2467


Text Box: Registration is taken on site at your 
childís first JGA class at the 
Desert Willow Driving Range.

All new golfers will begin in the Blue Level.  
Please check the current monthly calendar to determine the Blue Level Class time that works for your family best, then come to class 5 minutes early to sign the registration papers.  

Those golfers with experience should call or email to set up an evaluation, so that we can place them in their appropriate Level of instruction.

We have equipment for children to use during class.  They will need to wear a collared shirt for class and during practice sessions. 

We invite you to stay and watch your golferís class.  Adults, please wear a collared shirt and remember that children under 4 are not allowed on the range or golf course for insurance reasons.

You are welcome to pay cash or checks can be  written to the JGA at the beginning of your 
studentís first lesson of the month. 

To set up an evaluation or to answer further questions.  

Please contact Pam Bowers at 702 232-2467 
or email her at pbowers6@cox.net

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