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Text Box: Ace -Scoring term indicating a hole-in-one
Addressing the ball -Taking a stance and grounding the club (except in a hazard) before taking a swing.
Alternate ball -Additional ball played on a hole when the player is unsure whether the first ball should be penalized.
Approach -A shot to the putting green.
Apron -The short grass surrounding the putting green.
Away -Ball furthest from the hole, to be played first.
Backswing -The first part of the execution phase in which the club moves away from the ball.
Ball mark -Slight indentation in the green caused by a ball landing on a soft green.
Ball marker -A small coin or facsimile used to spot a ball position on the green.
Birdie -One stroke under the designated par of a hole.
Bogey -Usually one stroke over the designated par of a hole.
Bunker -A hazard, often a depression, and usually covered with sand (frequently referred to as a sand trap). Grass bordering or within a bunker is not considered part of the hazard.
Buried lie shot -A full swing motion used from the sand when the ball is resting below the level of the sand.
Cart path -Designated area on which motorized golf carts must be driven.
Casual water -Freestanding rainwater on the courses not considered part of the course.
Chip shot -A partial swing motion used to produce a ball flight with low trajectory and roll.
Cup -Container in the hole on the green that holds the flag. This term is often used synonymously with "hole."
Direct water hazard -A water hazard that crosses the fairway.
Disqualification -The penalty for a rules infraction, in which the player is removed from the competition (for example, for signing an incorrect scorecard or cheating on the score).
Divot -'turf displaced by player's club when making a swing.
Dog-leg -A hole in which the route of play angles to the right or left before reaching the putting surface.
Double bogey -Scoring term indicting two over par.
Drop -The method of placing the ball in play following relief designated by the rules.

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