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Junior Golf Rules

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Golf Lingo


Albatross:† 3 under par

Away:† the golf ball that is furthest from the hole

Backspin:† a spin that is opposite of the flight direction

Birdie: playing a hole one stroke less than par

Bite:† when the ball lands and bounces, then spins backwards

Bogey:† playing a hole one more stroke than par

Cut:† a shot with a gentle left to right spin

Divot:† a gash of turf you take when you make a swing
Dogleg:† a hole that curves one way or another

Draw:† a ball flight that has a gentle curve from right to left

Etiquette: proper golf manners

Punch:† a low shot

Rough:† the longer grass that surrounds the fairway

Shank:† hitting the ball with the hosel




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