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This instructional DVD equips you with grip techniques, putting, chipping, pitching and specialty shots: the Bump & Run, Sand Shots, Flop Shots and Uphill & Downhill Lies.  Practice drills and games are included to help you encourage junior golfers to have fun while they develop proper golf techniques. (38 minute run time)

This instructional DVD equips you with advice on equipment, grip techniques, how to teach the power zone and solid swing fundamentals.   Practice recommendations and drills are included to help you encourage junior golfers to develop a solid swing foundation. (41 minute run time)

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USKG Top 50 Master Kids Teacher, delivers two informative and fun tools you can instantly apply when you teach golf to kids.  Combining over 28 years of teaching experience with her Tour play, Pam shares her secret and proven   techniques with you.  
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Order here from Amazonís e-store
Text Box: $19.95
Order here from Amazonís e-store

got Golf? Teaching Kids Golf: Swing Fundamentals

got Golf? Teaching Kids Golf: Short Game

Junior Golf Academy Families can purchase either DVD directly from Pam for $15

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4.0 out of 5 starsGreat Video for Parents & Coaches, March 2, 2010 Amazon Verified Purchase This video primarily speaks to parents & coaches about teaching golf to their children. There is a nice section on equipment selection and several chapters on the fundamentals of golf and details several methods of how best to teach these fundamentals to children. Unlike other golf videos for children, this one is not geared specifically at the beginning child golfer. Rather the video is aimed at the parents and instructors who are teaching young golfers about the game of golf. As a result, with the exception of the intro, you won't see Pam interacting with many children. With this is mind, I believe that this is one of (if not "the") best videos available for teaching your child to golf. Enjoy!

Robert G. Barnwell "Robert G. Barnwell" (New York City)