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The Junior Golf Academy is designed to provide professional instruction to junior golfers, ages 5-18, in the greater Henderson  area. Regardless of age or skill level, from beginners to aspiring high school and collegiate golfers, our Academy offers opportunities to learn and improve at the game of golf.

The Junior Golf Academy at Desert Willow is in its 13th year of growth and development. Our programs and camps promote  progression and mastery for  junior golfers through each stage of their physical and mental development. We offer expert instruction and the tools to assist our students in reaching their goals and aspirations; whether it be scoring goals or to play competitively in high school and college.  Our focus is to offer practical instruction and to help build character, commitment, self-confidence and other qualities that will carry over to all areas of our student’s lives.

We thrive on organization and good communication with the kids and their parents.  The group classes are taught to a specific curriculum for each level, so each student is clear on what skills they are striving to master.  Because of this focus, each student is able to progress quickly.

Our Academy slogan is “Building Swings from the Inside Out”, because we believe golf is more than executing shots.  We encourage the kids in understanding that excellence, self-control and “gentlemanliness” encompasses the golf enigma. 

The impact we are having in our students lives is life changing.  Yes, the kids are learning the skills and fundamentals of the game, but more importantly they are learning to be good people. The respect they are learning for themselves and others thrusts them into a part of the world where honesty, integrity, responsibility and caring are highly valued.  The kids are thriving on their own personal growth and accomplishments on and off the course. 

Our style of instruction is one of “fun with boundaries” and direction.


Junior Academy

Desert Willow Golf Course

Phone: 702-232-2467


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